With an excellent combination of oil patch experience and financial-services expertise, our innovative methodology bridges the gap between energy opportunities and private capital. Our oil and gas investment, engineering, and geology teams work together to recognize and assess the financial capability of each and every prospect––before and after the bit.


We center our acquisition endeavors on core areas of interest with proven production histories. We are not interested in wildcatting or higher risk drilling in areas with constrained geological and production information. These exercises put our investment capital at undue risk. Rather, we center almost exclusively on infield drilling (including PUD and offset development) and existing production acquisitions in proven oilfields backed by decades of dynamic drilling and documented production.

Why We Succeed

Luck plays a role in every enterprise, but our history signifies more than intermittent good fortune. As all successful Venturers know, minimize your risk and you’ve maximized your luck. Our industry experience will continue to give us an edge as our drilling efforts expand.